Collection: Envy

ENVII is the brand for you who love an ultimate mix of feminine, sporty and basic looks in high quality. ENVII was founded in 2009 and has always had a starting point in the playful, the current and the feminine. Bold colours, prints and patterns are at the heart of ENVII's collections, as well as basic pieces that can be matched crosswise. Here at BUHL, we have assembled a solid selection of both creative and timeless ENVII pieces. Find exactly the dress, top or pair of trousers that will tell who you are on this site.

Edge, topicality and distinctiveness

ENVII is aimed at the Scandinavian woman who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd in a stylish way. With ENVII's innovative designs, exciting colours, patterns and prints, you can express your individuality to the letter. With ENVII, you can easily add color to everyday life and take home a forever piece that makes you feel strong and confident.

ENVII always has its finger on the pulse

ENVII creates 10 collections a year and thus always has its finger on the pulse of the fashion world. ENVII is based on constantly wanting to explore and play, so you will always be able to find modern items in their universe, which are tailored according to the trends of the season, so that you can shine.

Need-to-have, must-have and nice-to-have

In our selection of ENVII products here at BUHL, you will be able to see their design philosophy shine through. ENVII divides its collections into three categories. The must-have collections consist of simple styles that possess timelessness and are easy to match. Need-to-have are popular key-items that suit the season and the nice-to-have collections are statement pieces that follow the trends of the time. There is therefore guaranteed something for every taste at ENVII. 

Dresses, tops, trousers for the fashion-conscious woman from ENVII

ENVII is proud to cater to women who love fashion created with a feminine and sporty edge. The ENVII girl is the one who dares to stand up and who greets people with a smile. Their playful and creative pieces can be easily styled for different occasions, whether it's a picnic with friends, a beer with colleagues or a day at study or work.

Find exactly the ENVII item that expresses your personality today at BUHL.