Collection: H2OFagerholt

H2OFagerholt is a brand that was created through a collaboration between the Danish sportswear brand H2O and the designer duo Julie and Bex Fagerholt, who are mother and daughter. The goal was to create a modern and versatile clothing concept for women that could be used both for training and in everyday life. The idea arose from a conversation between Bex and Julie about the need for clothing with high performance qualities that were also suitable for all-day wear.

H2OFagerholt is a fusion of H2O's technical expertise and Fagerholt's fun and colorful aesthetics, which has broken down the boundaries between training and everyday clothing. H2O's basic idea of ​​creating sportswear of exceptional quality has also played a decisive role in the brand's development.

Clothes you can live, train and dance in

In the collections from H2OFagerholt, the boundaries between training and everyday clothes are blurred. The designer duo wants to create clothes that you can live, train and dance in. For example, you can find their shirts that you can wear both for a relaxed day on the sofa, but also at a cocktail bar. You can put on tights in the morning, add a high heel and continue to a dinner. The brand's silhouettes make it possible to wear the same item for all of the day's events.

H2OFagerholt | practical in a stylish way

H2OFagerholt has managed to create a collection of styles that are a mix of sportswear in the everyday wardrobe. Their focus on functionality and sporty design is evident in the choice of materials and cuts, but at the same time they also have an aesthetic finesse and a stylish expression that makes the clothes suitable for everyday use - and not just for sports.

H2OFagerholt's styles provide a high degree of freedom of movement and comfort, and the functional styles are perfectly suited to a modern and active lifestyle. Julie Fagerholt says about the brand that it is a reflection of how we are always on the move and moving. 

Clothes for all ages from H2OFagerholt

The collections from H2OFagerholt are versatile. Due to the design duo's age difference, the collection offers something for all age groups. Their signature print is colorful and can be found on many of their styles. In addition to that, their styles are often adorned with exciting details and different cuts, which can be both eye-catching and discreet. Many of their styles are also made from high-quality sustainable materials, so you can be sure to have a durable and environmentally friendly wardrobe for an active lifestyle

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