Collection: Rains

Rains is a Danish brand that was founded with a focus on creating fashionable and unique waterproof rainwear. Rains creates innovative and functional collections, which are created to fit perfectly both everyday and festive events. With their unique PU coating, Rains creates windproof and waterproof products that look good on you and your belongings. Find Rains rain jackets, rain pants, bags and hats for both men and women here at BUHL.

Rains' unique and waterproof PU coating

Rains rain pants and rain jackets are created from lightweight materials and feature Rains' unique waterproof PU coating, which creates a reliable windproof and waterproof jacket. Rains rain pants and rain jackets also have smart features, such as waterproof zippers, taped seams, practical Velcro closures or laces, all of which ensure that water does not penetrate. The vast majority of Rains' rain pants and jackets have a water column pressure of 4000 mm, which means they can withstand moderate to heavy rainfall. A Rains rain jacket or rain trousers are therefore perfect for the Danish weather. 

Fashionable Rains jackets and trousers

Rains designs both women's and men's rain jackets as well as unisex rain jackets. Their designs are minimalistic and timeless, so you can pull out your Rains jacket season after season. At BUHL, you can find both elegant Rains rain jackets for women with simple lines and a drawstring at the waist that accentuate the silhouette, as well as men's rain jackets characterized by clean and modern cuts, in addition to Rains' characteristic unisex rain jackets with classic details such as fish-tail and lace in the hood.

Colors for every taste

Rains' color palette primarily consists of classic and elegant tones of Scandinavian earthy and neutral colors such as white, green, black or beige. However, there are also always exciting colors such as mint, green and yellow to be found in their collections for those of you who want to stand out from the crowd and add color to everyday life.

Waterproof and unique accessories

Accessories don't just have to complete your look, but can also be functional and take good care of you and your values. That is why you will also find waterproof hats and bags from Rains at BUHL. Rains is with you all the way when it comes to completing your outfit with stylish waterproof collections.

Find your new Rains coat or rain trousers at BUHL

At BUHL, we are proud to sell Rains, which is a recognized and popular brand for good reason. The products from Rains are created to keep you dry and fashionable in the changeable Danish weather.