Collection: Stine Goya

The Danish designer Stine Goya launched her brand of the same name in 2006. Since the beginning, the Scandinavian brand has offered aesthetic designs and collections known for their rich and exploratory colors and prints.

The collections from Stine Goya present a large selection of eye-catching and iconic styles in both colorful and muted tones. Regardless of style - whether you are minimalistic or into more extravagant designs, you can find it all in Stine Goya's beautiful universe. Remarkable styles that, in interaction with your character and personality, will achieve its full potential.

Strength, passion and femininity

Stine Goya's vision has always centered on empowering the individual who wears the brand's designs. That the person who wears their design must feel positive, brave and feminine. The design centers on strength and passionate ideas. With a great belief in the strength of colors and prints, the brand is the forerunner of some ground-breaking, colorful items.

Stine Goya wants to give you as a woman the opportunity to express your true character through timeless and unique designs. The collections are characterized by elegance and femininity, whose silhouettes set a stylish mark. The aesthetics are carefully thought out and selected and with the many details, colors and fits, you are guaranteed a ground-breaking, aesthetic outfit.

Stine Goya combines sustainability and extravagance

The brand is not only extravagant and big on the market. Stine Goya is also involved in the sustainable initiatives. Stine Goya says that with the sustainable initiatives, the brand wants to show that you can easily make something that is sustainable and at the same time extravagant, has an edge and a strong DNA.

For the brand, sustainability is no end to their beautiful, expressive designs. The union of iconic designs and visions of a greener future makes the brand even stronger and remarkable in the fashion scene.

Stine Goya | art over trends

The materials are many, and the brand strives to be sustainable. Stine Goya uses recycled polyester, and their newer down jackets are filled with plastic bottles that have been reconstructed for filling. Materials that in no way limit the aesthetics and expressions that Stine Goya strives for. Stine Goya designs timeless silhouettes through her materials, so that the clothes can be used for many years. The focus is therefore not on the short-term trend, but instead has strong references to art and the desire for longevity.

A pioneering Scandinavian design

The designer behind the brand, Stine, completed her education at Central St Martins in 2005, specializing in fashion and prints. Her fashion shows and collections have since then impressed around the world and achieved great international recognition. Stine Goya designs have managed to reach beyond the Danish borders and have been a major influence on Scandinavian design.