Collection: Gudrun&Gudrun

For thousands of years, the company has carried quality handmade clothing made from wool, linen and other natural fibers. but somewhere along the way we gave up quality for quantity. But a low price does not only indicate poor quality. it also means that someone else pays the price – be it the animal or the worker. When you buy a guðrun & guðrun, you support our women's empowerment project, where we empower women all over the world who make our clothes by hand. we want to bring human decency back to the fashion industry – one stitch at a time.

Their knitting is rooted in the old knitting traditions of the Faroe Islands. but actually nothing changed here. our sheep still roam freely in the mountains and knitting is still practiced by women of all ages – as it always has been.

At the end of the day, a sweater should feel warm, look beautiful, be personal and last a lifetime. the only way to achieve this? a little wool and a lot of know-how.