Collection: Pura Utz

Pura Utz is handmade jewellery, creative and colorful designs and a dream to create quality products under proper conditions. In Guatemala, a team of artists with absolutely fantastic expertise sits and creates the beautiful creations you will find here on the site at BUHL. Creativity has not been spared at Pura Utz, and you will find, among other things, adorable earrings, elegant bracelets and feminine necklaces as well as pouches consisting of up to 60,000 hand-stitched pearls on this site. Support women's empowerment with one of the unique creations from Pura Utz.

Creative and innovative designs for life

A Pura Utz piece of jewelery is a unique piece of jewelery that can express exactly who you are and thus be an accessory that will accompany you for the rest of your life. You will find, among other things, earrings that look like bananas or emojis, adorable bracelets with small pearl lemons or Yin Yang necklaces. Their designs are created to express individuality and spice up everyday life. Turn up your own and other women's empowerment with a well-crafted and beautiful Pura Utz piece of jewelry.

Masterful craftsmanship with a feminist agenda

All Pura Utz jewelry is designed and handcrafted by women in Santiago, Guatemala. Each earring, necklace and bag is handmade by the skilled artists who spend years perfecting their craft. Pura Utz is founded by Anna Andres and Bernabela Sapalú, who created Pura Utz in 2019. Both women have a love for Mayan traditions and craftsmanship, which inspires the beautiful products Pura Utz creates today. At Pura Utz, transparency and women's empowerment are on the agenda. All employees work under orderly conditions and know both the company's budgets and salaries. The goal of Pura Utz is to build the employees' self-esteem by investing in them and their future.

Pure goodness and pure quality

Pura Utz means pure goodness and pure quality, and this is exactly what the brand stands for. From process to finished product in your hands, both quality, orderly working conditions and promoting women's conditions have been thought of. One pouch takes approx. three days to make, consists of anything between 24,400 beads and upwards of 60,000 beads. There are years of building expertise behind every earring, every bag, every necklace from Pura Utz.

When you buy Pura Utz products, you are not just investing in a piece of jewelry or an accessory, but a story, a craft and in better conditions for women.