Collection: Mathlau

Mathlau is a Danish brand that has existed since 1996. Mathlau was founded by the Jewish couple Lars and Kirsten, who for over 20 years have designed and produced, among other things, scarves, ponchos, belts and hats in quality materials and beautiful designs that fit perfectly into the Scandinavian wardrobe. Mathlau is a brand with heart, and here at BUHL you can find exactly the Mathlau item that will accompany you through your seasons.

Mathlau|A fire with heart

The story behind Mathlau is full of love and passion for good craftsmanship. The name Mathlau comes from a combination of the founding couple's children Mathias and Laurine as a symbol that the company is their third child. The company was founded on a camping trip to Italy, where the couple found manufacturers for their company. Kirsten has worked with fashion since her teenage years, and finally had her dream of starting her own fashion company with quality products in elegant and timeless designs fulfilled on a holiday to Italy in 1996. Authenticity and heart shine through both history, design and production at Mathlau.

Timeless scarves from Mathlau for the style-conscious woman

In our selection of Mathlau items at BUHL you will find beautiful and comfortable lambswool scarves for women in classic, natural Scandinavian colors such as navy, off white or army. Mathlau designs both more subdued and elegant scarves, as well as colorful scarves with innovative and classic patterns and prints that can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe and used season after season throughout your life. The vision for Mathlau is to always be able to offer a wide selection of high-quality accessories.

Natural quality materials in Mathlau's production

Mathlau's manufacturers in Italy and China are particularly chosen for their fantastic craftsmanship and natural quality materials. In Mathlau's collections you will find items made from the finest natural materials such as lamb's wool, cashmere, silk and fine cotton. Natural materials have many advantages such as comfort, breathability, temperature regulating properties and environmental friendliness in addition to beautiful aesthetics and good durability, so you can enjoy your natural items for a long time to come.

Production under orderly conditions

The empathy in Mathlau's value set is with every step of the way from the design process in Silkeborg to the production in Italy and India, where the workers are employed in factories that comply with international regulations for orderly working conditions. Mathlau has a finger on the pulse in all areas of their brand and business, which manifests itself in quality products that express your style with a clear conscience.

Find exactly the Mathlau item that will become your new forever item here at BUHL.